Fixing Route 28: Reader's Offer Their Suggestions

Fewer intersections, mass transit improvements suggested by Patch users. What do you think?

Fixing Route 28: Reader's Offer Their Suggestions
Fixing Route 28: Reader's Offer Their Suggestions
Earlier this week, we reported on a $2.5 million study to find ways to fix Route 28, the often-congested commuter route between Manassas and Centreville.

And we wanted to hear from Patch users about their experiences and what should be done to fix the road.

User "mcs" pointed to two resources: 
User Michele suggested buses between Manassas and Reston. "It is so sad that I live in Centreville but cannot get to Manassas to shop or go out to eat without driving," she wrote. "Not to mention all of the commuters that would benefit from not having to drive that road every day!"

What do you think should be done on Route 28? Tell us in the comments section below!

More suggestions

Tony Kenny: What about a north / south Metro spur between Blue Line at Springfield, connecting with the Silver line at Dulles and ending at Point of Rocks ?

Thomas Donnelly: I suggest the following: (1) eliminate the intersection of Walney/Braddock and 28 and remove the stop light there (2) complete the I-66 and VA-28 cloverleaf, upgrading it to use frontage lanes as the Westfield Blvd and VA-28 cloverleaf does. The upgraded interchange will reach design capacity at or before 2040. Once construction is complete you will need a traffic study of Westfields Blvd and Stone Road to assess the total change to traffic volume, as there will be two opposing effects whose sum is unknown. First, volume increases due to moving Walney->VA-28 traffic and Braddock->VA-28 traffic to Westfields Blvd. Second, volume decreases from VA-28S->US-29W traffic cutting the corner on Westfields/Stone to avoid backups and lights returning to VA-28. Once the study is complete, adjust Westfield traffic lights to accommodate the changed volume.

Weedbuster: 1. reduce the number of curb cuts - require corner lots to use side streets for access not route 28. 2. install "smart" traffic lights that do their own adjustments based on current traffic conditions. just read about these in WaPo two weeks ago. 3. perform gridlock enforcement at key intersections (e.g., Manassas Drive & 28, Browns Lane & 28) so drivers don't block the box, causing backup for everyone in all directions 4. build access to new HUD property through yorkshire so there is another alternate route besides Old Centreville. When 28 has an incident there is nowhere to go! 5. BUILD ANOTHER BULL RUN WATER CROSSING EAST OF EXISTING ROUTE 28 (consider Manassas Drive through the golf course to Union Mill)
Brian July 16, 2014 at 08:59 PM
Privatize 28 and charge a variable toll based on traffic volume (similar to I-495 Express)


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