Centreville Dog Competes in Westminster Kennel Club Show

Mother-daughter team Laurie Zembrzuski and Gaby Gilbeau brought Rigby, a five-year-old Bedlington Terrier, to the show.

A mother-daughter team from Centreville brought their Bedlington Terrier, Rigby, to compete at the Westminster Kennel Club Show.

Rigby, who is five years old, placed twelfth in the Terrier section. Since she was a puppy, she has racked up an impressive array of awards at dog shows. 

Breeders Laurie Zembrzuski and Gaby Gilbeau have been involved with purebred dogs since 2003, according to their website

On their website, Zembrzuski and Gilbeau describe Rigby as "a showgirl through and through. She will go out of her way to make the judge, her handler and the audience laugh while she is in the ring; whether it be taking exaggerated stretches after getting off the exam table, sneaking kisses to the judges when they least expect it or pretending to be fiesty in an effort to surprise the crowd."

Nearly purebred 3,000 dogs competed in the Westminster Kennel Club show, which was broadcast live on the USA network Tuesday evening. 


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