Sophia, William Top VA Baby Names

Name list is based on applications for Social Security cards.

Sophia and William were the most popular names for girls and boys last year in Virginia, according to new data from the Social Security Administration.

According to the rankings, 508 babies in Virginia were named Sophia in 2011. The name Emma came in second for girls' names, with 493 babies. Olivia was the third most popular with 452 babies.

The name William was bestowed on 585 baby boys in Virginia last year. Jacob came in second with 509 babies, and Mason was third with 483.

William was also the most popular name for baby boys in 2010 in Virginia, while now third-place name Olivia was tops in 2010.

The data is drawn from applications for Social Security cards. 

Sophia and William were also the most popular names for girls and boys in the District of Columbia, while Sophia and Mason were the most popular names for new babies in Maryland.


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