Tech Gifts for Secret Santas

These gifts will put a smile on your co-workers’ faces at the office gift exchange parties.

We’ve all been stuck on what to give coworkers at the office gift exchange or how to thank coworkers for their help throughout the year. Starbucks gift cards and cookies are nice, but they are gone so quickly. The Fairfax County business ThinkGeek.com offers gifts that bring some fun into the office, which is needed on a Monday morning or after the vacation time runs out.

  • LED USB lamp ($9.99). A small desk lamp powered through your computer’s USB connection (or 3 AA batteries) is handier than you imagine. Bright light where you need it.
  • Badge Holders with some personality ($5.99). Washington its own style, our work clothes often are accessorized with the must-have ID badge. Bring a little of yourself to the process of ID-ing yourself. Choices include Geek, Ninja, Pirate, Caffeine, 1up or if you are feeling uninspired, Meh.
  • Butterfly in a Jar ($19.99). So much prettier than a puppy calendar and so much hardier than a plant, these desk accessories will make you smile. Note: they are not a metaphor for being an artist trapped in a mason-jar cubicle.
  • Kelvin .23 All-in-one Tool ($24.99). You know how when you need a particular tool in the office, no one has it? Screwdriver, level, Allen wrench and more all in this one.
  • Static Electricity Eliminator ($9.99). You didn’t know these things existed until just now and you are thinking, “I need this!” Especially when the office heat cranks up and the humidity goes to non-Washington levels.
  • Rearview Monitor Mirror ($9.99). Every office has a hoverer; you know the guy or girl who just stands behinds you quietly waiting for you to notice. This isn’t to help you avoid your boss’s ire when you are engaged in a Facebook chat about last night’s game, of course it is not.
  • ($39.99). Our offices are an important part of our everyday lives, making it a better place by sharing your appreciation and sense of humor is a gift you can give to yourself at this time of year.


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