Eleven Men Arrested for Cocaine and Firearms Trafficking

The arrests were part of a three-year investigation in Fairfax County and the Manassas area.

Eleven men were arrested this week for their role in gun and cocaine trafficking in Fairfax County and the Manassas area, federal prosecutors announced Thursday. 

The men supplied large amounts of cocaine to street-level dealers, according to federal prosecutors, and nine of the eleven were charged with conspiracy to distribute 500 or more grams of cocaine. Undercover officers bought over three kilograms of cocaine, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and over 20 firearms from the trafficking ring. 

Most of the men are in the country illegally, and many are from Mexico, the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Virginia said. Many are also allegedly members of gangs, including La Raza, SUR 13, and 18th Street.

Prosecutors said the following people were arrested:

  • Jerry Lamberto Cardenas, a.k.a “Jerry,” 36, of Manassas Park
  • Martin Morales Benavente, a.k.a “Chino,” 26, of Manassas Park
  • Luis Antonio DeVincente Olguin, a.k.a “Antonio,” 22, of Manassas
  • Bennedicto DeJesus Ramos Aguirre, a.k.a “Lito,” 25, of Manassas Park
  • Juan Gabriel Rodriguez, 37, of Manassas
  • Roberto Marin, a.k.a “Chino,” 36, of Manassas
  • Rigoberto Lopez Lopez, a.k.a “Rigo,” 38, of Manassas
  • Oscar Humberto Benitez-Escobar, a.k.a “Cholo,” 35, of Manassas
  • Hugo Tavila Villegas, age and residence unknown at the time of arrest.
  • Lamberto Garcia Cruz, 31, of Sterling
  • Diego Fernando Giraldo Gavinia, 21, of Sterling

If convicted, some of the men could face up to 40 years in prison. Rodriguez could serve, if convicted, anywhere from five years to life. Law enforcement from Fairfax County, Prince William County, the ATF, Manassas and Manassas Park conducted the investigation, which they call, "Operation Bull Run." Prosecutors say that over 60 people have been charged since it started. 


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