Manassas Man Planned Centreville Home Invasion, Authorities Say

Federal prosecutors have filed a new charge against Stacy Lorenzo Reed, of Manassas, who appeared in court Thursday.

Stacy Lorenzo Reed, the man who is accused of driving the car to a 2010 Centreville home invasion, also planned the attack that ended in the death of a Manassas Park man, authorities allege in court documents. 

Federal prosecutors filed a new firearms charge on Dec. 18 against Reed, who appeared in court Thursday afternoon. In an affidavit supporting the charge—aiding and abetting the using and carrying of a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence causing death—a Fairfax County detective said that Reed had obtained "inside information" to coordinate the home invasion and enlisted others to help carry out the crime. During the invasion, Jose Rosales Cardona, of Manassas Park, died trying to defend his employers. 

Tasheik Champean, who entered a guilty plea for his role in the incident earlier this month, said that Reed first approached him about robbing the Centreville family's check cashing business, according to the affidavit signed by Detective Stephen Needels of the Fairfax County Police Department. Champean said that when he declined to rob the store (which was subsequently robbed anyway), Reed stated he had information on the family's home. 

According to Champean, Reed said he had "obtained all of the inside information in preparation for the robbery to include: the robbery location, the residence's security features, the number of family members in the house, and other pertinent personal information about the family and the target building."

The affidavit also states that Reed is the man identified only as "John Doe" in Champean's plea agreement, unnamed in the document because prosecutors had not yet filed charges against him. Another man, Reynard Prather, who was sentenced to 30 years for his role in the incident, also identified Reed as the man who drove them to the home. 

According to Prather—who had minimized his role in the incident before being confronted with the new details—Reed drove the two men to the house off Compton Road once before the invasion, to scout the location. He also drove them to the robbery, though another man picked them up, the document states. 

"Following the attempted robbery, during which Cardona was killed, Prather and Champean, who were originally driven away by one of Reed's employees, again met up with Reed just minutes after the failed robbery and explained that a victim was killed. According to Prather, Reed accompanied Prather and Champean as they fled the Northern Virginia crime scene back to Prince George's County, Maryland," the affidavit states. 

A federal judge on Thursday issued an order postponing an evidentiary hearing until Jan. 8, so the court could consider the charges against Reed on the same date. 

Updated 3:45 p.m. Thursday with additional information about Reed's court hearing. 

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