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Election: GOP Performs Well in Loudoun

Republicans claim every seat on the county board of supervisors.


Algonkian District

  • Suzanne Volpe (R), 3,734 (56.11%)
  • Denise Moore Pierce (D), 2,903 (43.62%)


Ashburn District

  • Ralph Buona (R), 3,766 (60.44%)
  • Valdis Ronis, (D), 2,441 (39.18%)


Blue Ridge District

  • Janet Clarke (R), 4,434 (56.79%)
  • Jim Burton (I), 3,351 (42.92%)


Broad Run District

  • Shawn Williams (R), 2,363 (41.83%)
  • Andrea McGimsey (D), 2,003 (35.46%)
  • Cliff Keirce (I), 1,251 (22.14%)



Dulles District

  • Matt Letourneau (R), 3,100 (63.32%)
  • Larry Roeder (D), 1,782 (36.40%)


Chairman, At Large

  • Scott York (R), 31,776 (64.36%)
  • Tom Bellanca (D), 17,445 (35.33%)



Algonkian District

  • Debbie Rose, 3,129 (48.02%)
  • John Stevens, 2,709 (41.58%)
  • Eileen Tagg-Murdock, 667 (10.23%)


Ashburn District

  • Eric Hornberger, 2,193 (34.46%)
  • John Ryan, 1,514 (23.79%)
  • Debbie Piland, 1,190 (18.70%)
  • Chris Souther, 859 (13.49%)
  • John Andrews, 589 (9.25%)


Blue Ridge District

  • Jill Turgeon, 3,839 (52.33%)
  • Priscilla Godfrey, 3,473 (47.34%)


Broad Run District

  • Kevin Kuesters, 3,284 (66.26%)
  • Joy Maloney (write-in), 1,672 (33.73%) (presuming all write-in votes were for Maloney)


Dulles District

  • Jeff Morse, 2,930 (58.90%)
  • Anjan Chimaladinne, 1,492 (29.99%)
  • Margaret Michaud, 542 (10.89%)


At Large

  • Tom Reed, 25,533 (56.25%)
  • Bob Ohneiser, website, 14,101 (31.07%)
  • Jay Bose, 5,477 (12.06%)




Map of 10th District

  • Randy Minchew (R), 8,115 (58.35%) (These numbers are likely to change because too many precincts were listed, but the winner will not change)
  • David Butler (D), 5,782 (41.57%)


Map of 32nd District

  • Tag Greason (R)


Map of 87th District

  • David Ramadan, (R), 5,431 (49.94%)
  • Mike Kondratick, (D), 5,381 (49.48%)



Map of 13th District

  • Dick Black (R), 20,778 (56.95%)
  • Shawn Mitchell (D), 15,610 (42.79%)


Map of 33rd District

  • Mark Herring (D), 13,929 (54.01%)
  • Patricia Phillips (R), 11,832 (45.88%)



Commonwealth’s Attorney

  • Jim Plowman (R), 26,079 (51.86%)
  • Jennifer Wexton (D), 24,102 (47.93%)



  • Mike Chapman (R), 26,503 (53.86%)
  • Steve Simpson (I), 17,518 (35.60%)
  • Ron Speakman (I), 5,006 (10.17%)



  • Roger Zurn (R)


Commissioner of the Revenue

  • Bob Wertz (R)



  • Peter C. Rush
  • Chris S. Simmons
  • James K. Wylie



Acquisition of Fire and Rescue Apparatus
QUESTION: Shall the County of Loudoun, Virginia contract a debt and issue its general obligation capital improvement bonds in the maximum amount of $3,000,000 to finance in whole or in part, the cost to acquire fire and rescue capital apparatus?

  • Yes, 36,809 (71.85%)
  • No, 14,417 (28.14%)


School Capital Projects
QUESTION: Shall the County of Loudoun, Virginia contract a debt and issue its general obligation capital improvements bonds in the maximum amount of $169,620,000 to finance in whole or in part, the cost to design, construct and equip the new Moorefield Station Elementary School (ES-16), Ashburn Area Elementary School (ES-22), Ashburn Area Middle School (MS-6), Ashburn Area High School (HS-8), and Park View High School Renovation?

  • Yes, 30,326 (57.93%)
  • No, 22,023 (42.06%)
Robin Crabtree November 09, 2011 at 12:47 PM
Congratulations to all. No excuses now for not delivering on your promises quickly.
CrazyTalk November 09, 2011 at 02:05 PM
Dick Black's landslide victory, in a realigned district that favored President Obama in the 2008 election, speaks loudly to both Republicans and Democrats. To Republican candidates for president: stay strong on social conservative ideals on the dignity of life and traditional family values. To our Democrat President: your wavering stance in defense of marriage is a losing cause that might seem appealing to your shrinking progressive base, but is out of step with ordinary thinking citizens.
MEG November 09, 2011 at 04:45 PM
I noticed the same thing, Mike. I also noted, sadly, that an article about changing the lunch policy at Newton-Lee got more comments than all the election-related articles combined.
Nancy Greene Rountree November 09, 2011 at 05:42 PM
The victory for the conservative Republican party is pretty obvious here in Loudoun with the newly elected Board of Supervisors and the School Board. Their conservatism is making me afraid for the our kids' education in the next decade. Over the last 5 years our schools have been gutted of staff and class sizes are up 30% with teaching staff become less and less experienced because of pay inequalities with other counties. It makes me also consider moving back to FFX or another county that will be willing to step up for what is needed for our kids. My request of new board memebers is to please let my kids have the same kind of education that we had. It's what's expected of YOU as community leaders and us as parents.Best of luck to you all.
Glen Bayless November 11, 2011 at 06:08 PM
Tuesday's election results leave me puzzled. The current Board of Supervisors (BOS) has approved several (Kincora, Dulles World, Foxgate, Dulles Town Center for example) mixed-use projects that developers say are essential to boosting the business tax base in Loudoun. They have adopted sites for others. This BOS has adopted a county-wide transportation plan that addresses both East-West and North-South connectivity as well as future Metro stops needed for the mixed-use developmets planned beyond Dulles Airport. This BOS has adopted a new sign ordinance in coordination with industry that brings Loudoun more up to date. My puzzlement is this: what, specifically, will we see from the new BOS that will be significantly different?


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