Undocumented Immigrants Call for Driver’s Licenses

With Democrat Terry McAuliffe weeks from the governor’s office, a priority rises from the undocumented and their supporters.

Sample Driver's License (Va. DMV)
Sample Driver's License (Va. DMV)

Seeing a shift in Richmond, Virginia activists are making a new push for driver’s licenses for undocumented workers. More than 300 supporters met in Sterling last week to plan the new campaign.

"Driver’s licenses used to be for everyone. But after 9/11 everything changed,” said event organizer Noah Feldman. “Many politicians used the terror caused by the attacks to discriminate against immigrants. Politicians in Virginia seized this opportunity and took driver's licenses away from hard-working Virginia residents."

And all eyes are on Gov.-elect Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat who has stressed bipartisanship in Richmond, with a conservative House of Delegates and a state Senate split between Republicans and Democrats.

"I voted for Terry McAuliffe. He won thanks to the Latino vote. It is time that he promises to return driver’s licenses to our community," said Jessica Robles, a citizen and resident of Herndon. "Every day there are too many hit and run accidents because many undocumented drivers are too afraid to show they have no driver's license which means no insurance."

Is it time for driver’s licenses for undocumented workers? Tell us in the comments section below.

Jake Johnson December 15, 2013 at 08:41 AM
And by Undocumented Immigrants, we are speaking of illegal aliens right? So people that have broken immigration laws to get here, are living here illegally, and are working and most likely sending money they earn (against the law) out of the country, want to be "documented" via a drivers license? Seriously? They will then be voting in the next election I assume as well? I say we document them all, right back to their country of origin.
sleonardjones December 15, 2013 at 09:26 AM
McAwful won because the Dems paid a Lib to run on the Libertarian ticket...splitting the Republican vote. So the majority didn't vote for McAwful.


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