Sully Voters Re-Elect Smith, Frey

School board member Kathy Smith and supervisor Michael Frey each re-elected to another term in office.

On Tuesday, Sully District voters overwhelmingly chose to keep their longtime representatives on the Board of Supervisors and School Board in office for another term.

Twenty-year incumbent supervisor defeated with over 70 percent of the vote; , who has been on the school board since 2002, won re-election over  with about 55 percent of the vote.

In many parts of Fairfax County, school board elections became the races to watch after a series of controversies over the past year, including , , and .

Yet while  generated a great deal of interest, the Sully races remained somewhat more quiet—perhaps in part because Ratnam was not as well-known as Smith, who was chairman of the board from 2009-2011. Ratnam, who joined her local PTA this year, had $6,278 to spend in campaign funds, according to the latest campaign finance reports. Smith had significantly more funds available, with a total of $12,932

Smith carried every precinct on Tuesday except for Kinross West, Virginia Run, Deer Park and Bull Run. Her, and thinking about the "big picture" when it comes to making decisions for county schools. Ratnam, a contractor with the Department of Defense, . 

Malik also faced an uphill run against Frey, a Republican and fiscal conservative who has served as the supervisor for the Sully District since the district's creation in 1991. Frey had $59,673 cash on hand as of the last campaign finance reports; Malik had $17,140.

Frey carried every precinct in Sully, but at the Democratic election party at the Waterford Fair Oaks, Malik expressed his satisfaction with the way he ran his campaign. "I know I had a very good race, and as a person, someone who didn't have any experience" running for office, Malik said. 

Jim Daniels November 09, 2011 at 03:41 PM
Nice to see Fairfax County voters exercise common sense, and not let external political considerations get in the way of a good thing. For the most part our current incumbents have done a very good job managing the county. So I am very glad to see Supervisor Frey, Chairman Bulova, and Senator Marsden all returned to their positions. I also think the outcome of the school board races was good as well. The existing board has done a good job managing our excellent school system during very trying times, and I think the new members that will be joining the board all seem like very level-headed, earnest people who will do a good job as well. Overall...a good night for Fairfax County in my opinion!


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