Certifiable Spreader-of-Uncaring-Care-for-People, Part II

Lesson learned. As we continue to dissect my experience in our online community's so-called social networking, yes, we have started gathering some important lessons.

You might be wondering about the title of . Don’t worry, we will get there.

As the fourth day approached with no one endorsing me or inviting me into Pinterest, I seriously began to doubt my relevance in the world of social community. What where all these people thinking? Why have they be-friended me in the first place? Is it really possible that no one from all of my direct friends in Facebook has an actual account with Pinterest?

Out of the blue, a beautiful person, actually by the name of Mary, invited me into the world of Pinterest with one simple sentence: “Hey Silvestre! My pleasure, no problem – glad to spread the Pinterest love :).”

Yes, I had to do a double swallow. A lady, her name really is Mary, from my beloved folks at Holstee’s, answered my request. No jokes, no hassles, no drama. Just like that. A stranger who had no reason whatsoever to indulge my petulant request, came knocking on my door.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Now let’s talk statistics related to our new world of online social communities. You have to follow this closely because everything that I have narrated to you so far actually will enlighten you about the world of Social Networking. Then I will teach you how to manage all these cacophony into one seamless orchestra every 24 hours. I say every 24 hours, because that is all you have. You repeat that dance online, afresh every morning or every time you first log-on to your network, until you turn-in for sleep. And in the social network world, that is one cycle. Don’t argue with me now . . . I will explain later.

First. There is a very good chance that my request had gone down the list from all of my 600+ friends’ newer posts, that no one really saw it, and it just got shoved down to the bottom. This is lesson one.

Second. There is also the chance that none of those same friends actually have Pinterest. Lesson Two.

Third. This one is a crapper.  What if they really do not want me there? Lesson three.

Four. Someone accidentally posted that “Pinterest Pinning” PUBLICLY. And when he/she/they realized it, he/she/they took it off. Lesson four.

Five. No one really pays attention to other people’s post. Unless you have a highly extravagant, explosively entertaining post; or, the person who happens to see your post has an actually brain (or heart) connection to your post. Lesson five.

Six. Who care about Pinterest anyway! Lesson six.



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