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Brandy M. was raised as a Navy Brat and spent much of her childhood overseas in exotic locations such as Guam, New Zealand, Spain and as an adult, Japan. She has lived on all three US coasts as well as landlocked Oklahoma. Centreville, Virginia has been home sweet home for over two years
Brandy currently devotes most of her time to raising her witty and charming 9 1/2 year old son (who has high functioning autism) and her 18 month old Pretty, Pretty Princess (a diva in training). She also spends an inordinant amount of time worrying about whether her 20 year old college student is eating more than just Nutella and peanut butter sandwiches and stalking him on Facebook, obsessing over what his arbitrary and vague status updates really mean. Thrown into the mix for good measure is her politically incorrect, socially unacceptable long-term/permanent boyfriend and her completely deaf, ultra-needy senior citizen siberian husky. Somehow in the chaos of it all, Brandy blogs....about life, autism, raising kids and whatever other random topics happen to spring into her thought bubble and demand to be set free into cyberspace.
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