Metro Fares Rise July 1

Peak-of-the-peak surcharge eliminated, but fares will rise.

On July 1, 2012, Metro fares and parking fees will increase. To determine the new fare for your trip, use Metro's Trip Planner and enter a travel date of July 1 or later.

Below is a summary from the WMATA of all the different changes. 

Metrorail Fares

  • Off peak fares: $1.70 - $3.50  (Senior/Disabled: $1.05 - $2.85)
  • Peak Fare: $2.10 - $5.75  (Senior/Disabled: $1.05 - $2.85)
  • The peak-of-the-peak surcharge (20¢ per trip) was eliminated.
  • A $1 surcharge will be applied to each trip taken using a paper farecard  (Senior/Disabled: 50¢). Customers are encouraged to use a SmarTrip® card to avoid the surcharge. For more information about the benefits of SmarTrip®, or to find a purchase location, click here.


  • 1-Day Metrorail Pass (valid at any time) available on SmarTrip® or paper farecard:  $14
  • 7-Day Metrorail Fast Pass available on SmarTrip® only: $57.50 
  • 28-Day Metrorail Fast Pass available on SmarTrip® only:  $230
  • 7-Day Metrorail Short Trip Pass available on paper farecard only: $35

Other Metrorail Fares

  • Transit Link Card on MARC/VRE: $108
  • Transit Link Card on MTA: $166

Metrobus Fares

  • Regular Routes
    • with SmarTrip®: $1.60
    • with cash: $1.80
  • Express Routes
    • with SmarTrip®: $3.65
    • with cash: $4
    • Airport Routes $6
  • Passes
    • 7-Day Regional Pass $16

Senior/Disabled bus fares/passes are half of the above fares/passes.

DC Student Fares

For students, there will be no change in the costs of DC student passes and tokens. (Note: While the actual costs of these products are increasing, the District of Columbia has elected to pay the difference in price so students pay the same rate as they do today.)


There is no change to the transfer policy. You receive a 50¢ discount when transferring from rail to bus or bus to rail within two hours of your first trip. You may transfer from a regular bus to another regular bus for free. The transfer discounts to other bus service providers varies. You must use a SmarTrip® card to receive the transfer discount. When using a pass or paying with cash, transfer discounts are not given.


MetroAccess fares are 2x the fare for the fastest bus or rail trip at the time a customer travels.  MetroAccess fares will continue to be capped at $7.


New fees range from $3.50 to $5 depending on the jurisdiction. Monthly reserved parking fees range from $45 to $65.


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